Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning Styles:

From Life Take 1:

Both your learning style and that of your child will affect what curriculum you want to use. Here is a short description of each type of style. See if you can find yourself and your child below. Most children before the age of 5 are kinesthetic. After this age, their true learning style is more evident.
See it
Watch demonstrations
Remembers faces not names
Writes things down/takes notes
Plans, organizes, lists
Watches others
Tends to be quiet, short answers
Meticulous Dress
Hear it
Needs Verbal Instructions
Remembers names not faces
Memorizes easily
Talks out problems
hums, sings to self
Asks Questions
Long, detailed discussions
Matching Clothes not necessary and can explain why
Touch it
Needs Direct Involvement
Tactile Approach
Remembers what did, not what saw or heard
Touches everything
Gestures when speaking
Neatly dressed to begin with but soon becomes wrinkled

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