Monday, July 12, 2010

Approaches to homeschooling

From Life Take 1:

Based off of the research I have done, below is an outline of the main approaches used in homeschooling. I hope you find this useful in deciding what is the best way to approach educating your family at home.
Literature-based Approach
Learn/Study Ancient Languages
Religious Studies (particularly Christian)
3 Stages to a child's education each requiring different levels of mastery or knowledge
grammar: memorization, classification, gain knowledge
dialectic: abstract reasoning, analytical thought
rhetoric: logical thinking, debating, philosophy
4 year cycles
Character and Discipline are essential
Study the Greats of History, Literature, Music, Art
Charlotte Mason
"living books" not twaddle
Follow the child's lead; spend lots of time exploring the world around you
Brief instructional periods with lots of time for self-discovery
Study the greats of art, history, literature
No Tests
Curriculum includes: Ambleside
Ruth Beechick
Learning in a natural way
Slightly easy is always better than a challenge
Builds child's confidence in their abilities
Instill Love of Learning is Primary Focus
Follows the Child's Interest
Later start to formal education
Child learns at their pace
Curriculum is limited; Environment is the curriculum
School At Home
Similar education to what one receives at a local school
Types of include: distant learning, tutoring, CD-Rom based programs, Satellite Programs
Storytelling and Art
Learn Through Imitation
Hands-On Approach
Discovers Self and the World through whole body experiences
Instill Love of Learning in Child is goal
Unit Studies
Great for large families - each child can study the topic at his level
All subjects integrated into one theme
Curriculum includes: Konos, Amanda Bennett, Alta Vista, Heart of Wisdom
Combines one or more methods together
Homeschooling an only child seems to have issues and needs of its own and some even think of this particular challenge as a method in its own right. For more information, please visit Homeschooling an Only.

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