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Combining Programs

From Life Take 1:

It seems like homeschoolers just can't leave well enough alone! And I am no exception!! We are always tweaking this curriculum or adding that or taking something away in the search for the perfect curriculum. History is no acceptation to this -- in fact! It seems to be worse with history. At least for me!!

Story of the World (SOTW) -- This is an excellent curriculum. Used in Cores 6 and 7 -- so many people add it to Cores 1 and 2. This comes in book format or audiobook. I prefer the audiobook for use with Cores 1 and 2. We listen to it by CD rather than chapter. This is also great for car schooling. There is an activity guide for this that has lists of additional books, map, worksheets, and activities. Activities require prep work and purchasing of supplies in advance. Since I am not very good with either of those things -- we did not use this. I am hoping to though when we get to Cores 6 and 7 -- then Kris can do the prep work for me for his little brothers! : -) There are 4 volumes in this series. Volumes 1 and 2 are used in Core 6, Volumes 3 and 4 are used in Core 7.

Mystery of History (MOH) -- This is a great series!! It does an amazing job of combining biblical and world history. This one also includes activities, maps, and worksheets. It has pre- and post-tests. Requires the child to memorize 6 dates per volume. There will be 5 volumes when this series is complete. I had a really hard time combining this as this comers so much more biblical history than SL does. We ended up doing this as a separate thing. Mainly we are now using it as a family devotional every few weeks. It will take us longer than a year to complete but I think it is still worth the effort. I think this is one that is better off done on its own than combined with something else.

Children's History of the World (CHOW) -- This is a great book for the early years! I have been very pleased with it. It reads like a story. It gives just enough detail for a young child to understand what is happen without giving them to much to overwhelm them. Their have been some complaints about the dates in this book. At this point in time, I am not worried about dates so this has not been a problem for us. We read them and then pretty much ignore they exists. I am more concerned with my son knowing the order of events than the dates at this point in time. In the future I will worry about dates. This is used as the spine for SL Cores 1 and 2.
Hand and Hearts History Kits -- I love these!!! Hands on activities with no prep work or surprise purchases. It even came with crayons and paper towels!! Now this is one thing that will get used around here as it requires nothing of the teacher other than pulling out the box and helping when needed! I hope they come out with even more kits soon!!

History Odyssey -- Is a classical history program but is great for those who want more hands-on stuff for use with SL. It combines CHOW (spine for Cores 1 and 2) with SOTW (spine for Cores 6 and 7). It also adds in activities, audio books, coloring books, a library list, and map work. It has some notebooking involved as well. This was easy to add to SL and provided the hands-on things my son needed. I supplemented their activity book for the hands and hearts kits because their activity guide again required prep and purchasing in advanced.

HO Grammar Middle Ages
Core 2
Lesson 1
Wk 36 Dy 2

Lesson 2
Wk 36 Dy 4

Lesson 3

Wk 3 Dy 2
Lesson 4

Wk 2 Dy 1
Lesson 5

Wk 2 Dy 4
Lesson 6

Wk 2 Dy 5
Lesson 7

Wk 3 Dy 4
Lesson 8

Wk 3 Dy 3
Lesson 10

Wk 12 Dy 2
Lesson 11

Wk 14 Dy 5
Lesson 12

Wk 13 Dy 4
Lesson 13

Wk 8 Dy 3
Lesson 14

Wk 8 dy 2
Lesson 17

Wk 13 Dy 2
Lesson 18

Wk 12 Dy 3
Lesson 19

Wk 12 Dy 4
Lesson 23

Wk 13 Dy 5
Lesson 27

Wk 2 Dy 3
Lesson 35

Wk 17 Dy 3
Lesson 37

Wk 18 Dy 3; Wk 14 Dy 3; Wk 15 Dy 4
Lesson 38

Wk 16 Dy 3; Wk 16 Dy 5
Lesson 40

Wk 19 Dy 5
History Pockets -- These are another easy hands-on thing to add to SL History Program. There are several of these in the series by Evan-Moor some are for younger grades some for older. Mainly these involve coloring, cutting, and gluing. If you have a child who loves to color -- these will be a great addition. If your child hates coloring -- this would be a waste of money.

Veritas Press -- This reminds me of several other programs. They utilize a lot of literature in their programs as well as some hands-on activities - primarily history pockets. I use their catalog as a book list for the library. Getting ideas for more books to add to a particular topic if need be. I did use their cards and tapes at one point. But again -- since I did not schedule it. It never really got used. We played a rummy type game with the cards. Where we tried to collect 5 events in history in a row to win. That was fun and helped my son learn when things better happened. But Veritas Press is more specific than SL is in covering events at a younger age so it was hard to play unless you took out the things we did not cover in depth -- which was a lot! So then we were left with only a few cards. For our family -- this was not a good purchase. If I was just using Veritas Press materials -- I think this would make an excellent learning tool. I still really like Veritas Press and do recommend some of their other products else where on this site.

So what do you do if you do decide to combine programs?

Well ....... there are several schedules available that combine these items. Paula's archives has a few of them. I would start there. Ask around.... several people have created their own. If you are part of the SL Preschool Yahoo Groups ... I believe it was Debra that created a schedule combing MOH, SOTW, and SL.. If you are looking for hands on ideas to combine Cores 1 and 2 with SOTW -- check out the History Odyssey Program. For those of you combining Cores 1 and Core 6 or Core 2 and Core 7. Email SL -- they have a sample schedule for how you can combine these two cores. Of course -- you can always create your own as well. I included my combined schedule for Core 2 and History Odyssey. Enjoy your journey into the past as you find the right program or programs that work best to help you on this adventure!

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